The Adaptation Advantage

Video description

We stand at an inflection point where technology can be leveraged to unleash human potential, or it can pit humans against machines. Heather McGowan and Chris Shipley have dedicated the last five years to understanding how technical, business, and cultural shifts have brought us to this place in order to construct this comprehensive and approachable guide to the future of work.

Blending insights from interviews with hundreds of executives with insights on professional and cultural identity, The Adaptation Advantage explains the profound changes the world of work has undergone and posits the solution: create new systems that detach identity from work and connect it to purpose. This purpose, the authors suggest, will motivate learning, engagement, empowerment, and lead to new forms of identity throughout the workforce. Only then can we embrace a new approach to work that places learning and adaptability at its center.

With an insightful foreword by New York Times columnist and bestselling author Thomas L. Friedman, The Adaptation Advantage: Let Go, Learn Fast, and Thrive in the Future of Work is an important resource for all leaders looking to help people develop the resilient, adaptive identities necessary to flourish in the rapidly changing workplace.

Product information

  • Title: The Adaptation Advantage
  • Author(s): Emily Ellet, Heather E. McGowan, Chris Shipley
  • Release date: June 2020
  • Publisher(s): Ascent Audio
  • ISBN: 9781469080307