6 The Adobe Illustrator WOW! Booklet for June 2013 CC Release
(Windows) discontiguous les to select several les at
the same time. Choose whether to link the les or embed
them, and whether or not to show Import Options when
placing them. Templates and Replace are unavailable when
more than one le has been selected.
Back in Illustrator, your cursor will display the thumb-
nail of the le you're about to place, along with the num-
ber of the le you're about to place—for instance, 2/7
means you've selected the second of seven les. To place
a le that isn't displayed, use the le and right arrows on
your keyboard to cycle through to the one you do want. If
you decide now you don't want a le, press the Esc key to
drop that le from the queue.
Place the image in your document by dragging out
a marquee, which is constrained proportionally to the
image, or by clicking once in the document to place
the le at full size. If you didn't choose to show Import
Options in the Place dialog, and depending upon both
whether the le type supports options and whether or not
you have Link enabled, you can still sometimes choose
Import Options on the y; press Shi and click once to
bring up that le's import options, select an option, click
OK, and you're back to the Place cursor ready to place the
le. If you choose Show Import Options in the Place dia-
log, Illustrator will rst page through the les, bringing up
any import options for each one, before you place any of
the les.
Using Illustrator for site design got a boost with the new
CSS Properties panel. Design the elements for a web page,
create a mockup on the artboard, and then generate the
basic HTML in your favorite HTML editor. You can now
use Illustrator to generate the CSS you need for styling and
positioning the elements. Character Styles and Graphic
Styles are automatically displayed in the CSS panel, while
selecting either an object on the artboard or a style in
the panel will display its CSS code. Use the CSS Options
dialog to make choices about the code that Illustrator gen-
Illustrator is Not InDesign
Although Illustrator and InDesign
have many similar features, such
as the new multifile Place feature,
Illustrator's Place is not identical
to InDesign's Place. InDesign al-
lows you to select multiple files in
Bridge and drag them onto your
document, loading the “place
gun” cursor with all those files
at the same time. Illustrator, as
of this writing, only lets you drag
and drop one file from Bridge,
although using Place from the
context menu does allow for mul-
tiple files. InDesign also lets you
undo placing files, reloading the
“place gun” with each Undo, even
after you have placed the last file.
Illustrator lets you undo and re-
load the cursor
only until you have
placed the last file. Once the place
gun is empty, it can't be reloaded
using Undo. And finally, you won't
be able to create a grid while plac-
ing files as you can with InDesign.
The CSS Properties panel displays all type and
graphic styles that it can generate code for (top
half), and the code for selected objects (bottom

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