Sharpen Your Teeth: Sharpening Techniques


Photo by Scott Kelby  Exposure: 1/25 sec | Focal Length: 14 mm | Aperture Value: f/6.3

I had two really good song titles to choose from for this chapter: “Sharpen Your Teeth” by Ugly Casanova or “Sharpen Your Sticks” by The Bags. Is it just me, or at this point in time, have they totally run out of cool band names? Back when I was a kid (just a few years ago, mind you), band names made sense. There were The Beatles, and The Turtles, and The Animals, and The Monkees, and The Flesh Eating Mutant Zombies, and The Carnivorous Flesh Eating Vege tarians, and The Bulimic Fresh Salad Bar Restockers, and names ...

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