The Adobe Photoshop CC Book for Digital Photographers (2017 release)

Book description


Scott Kelby, Editor and Publisher of Photoshop User magazine–and the best-selling photography techniques author in the world today–once again takes this book to a whole new level as he uncovers more of the latest, most important, and most useful Adobe Photoshop techniques for photographers.

This update to his award-winning, record-breaking book does something for digital photographers that’s never been done before–it cuts through the bull and shows you exactly “how to do it.” It’s not a bunch of theory; it doesn’t challenge you to come up with your own settings or figure it out on your own. Instead, Scott shows you step by step the exact techniques used by today’s cutting-edge digital photographers, and best of all, he shows you flat-out exactly which settings to use, when to use them, and why.


The photographer’s workflow in Photoshop has evolved greatly over time, and in this current version of book you’ll wind up doing a lot of your processing and editing in Photoshop’s Adobe Camera Raw feature (whether you shoot in RAW, JPEG or TIFF–it works for all three). That’s because for years now, Adobe has been adding most of Photoshop’s new features for photography directly into Camera Raw itself. Since today’s photography workflow in Photoshop is based around Camera Raw, about one third of this book is about mastering Camera Raw like a pro. Plus, you’ll learn:

• The sharpening techniques the pros really use.

• The pros’ tricks for fixing the most common digital photo problems fast!

• The most useful retouching techniques for photographers, and how to make “impossible” selections like wind-blown hair (it’s easy, once you know the secrets), and how to use Layers like a pro.  

• How to seamlessly remove distracting junk from your images.

• How to stitch panoramas, how to process HDR for a realistic look, and tricks for pulling way more out of your images than you ever dreamed possible.

• The latest Photoshop special effects for photographers (there’s a whole chapter just on these!).

• A host of shortcuts, workarounds, and slick “insider” tricks to send your productivity through the roof!

Scott includes a special chapter with his own workflow, from start to finish, plus, each chapter ends with a Photoshop Killer Tips section, packed with time-saving, job-saving tips that make all the difference. He also provides four bonus chapters, along with the images used in the book for download so you can follow right along. If you’re ready to learn all the “tricks of the trade”–the same ones that today’s leading pros use to correct, edit, retouch, and sharpen their work–then you’re holding the book that will do just that.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Other Books by Scott Kelby
  7. About the Author
  8. Contents
  9. Seven Things You’ll Wish You Had Known Before Reading This Book
  10. Chapter 1 Raw and Un-Kutt the essentials of camera raw
    1. How to Open Different Types of Images in Camera Raw
    2. Miss the JPEG Look? Try Applying a Camera Profile
    3. Using Camera Raw Like It’s a Filter
    4. Setting the White Balance
    5. Seeing a Before/After in Camera Raw
    6. Letting Camera Raw Auto-Correct Your Photos
    7. My Editing Your Images Cheat Sheet
    8. Setting Your White Point and Black Point
    9. Adjusting the Overall Brightness
    10. Adding Contrast
    11. Dealing With Highlight Problems (Clipping)
    12. Opening Up the Shadows (Like “Fill Light” on a Slider)
    13. Putting It All Together (A Quick Start-to-Finish Tweak)
    14. Photoshop Killer Tips
  11. Chapter 2 Beyond the Reach camera raw–beyond the basics
    1. Editing Multiple Photos at Once
    2. Bring Out Detail and Texture Using Clarity
    3. Adjusting Contrast Using Curves
    4. Sharpening in Camera Raw
    5. Adjusting or Changing Ranges of Color
    6. Removing Spots, Blemishes, and Other Distracting Stuff
    7. Finding Spots and Specks the Easy Way
    8. Removing Haze or Fog
    9. Reducing Noise
    10. Cropping and Straightening
    11. The Advantages of Adobe’s DNG Format for RAW Photos
    12. Choosing How Your RAW Images Will Appear in Photoshop
    13. Calibrating for Your Particular Camera
    14. Photoshop Killer Tips
  12. Chapter 3 The Adjustment Bureau camera raw’s adjustment tools
    1. Dodging, Burning, and Adjusting Individual Areas of Your Photo
    2. Retouching Portraits in Camera Raw
    3. Fixing Skies (and Other Stuff) with the Graduated Filter
    4. Fixing Color Problems (or Adding Effects) by “Painting” White Balance
    5. Reducing Noise in Just the Shadow Areas
    6. How to Get More Than 100% Out of Any Adjustment Brush Effect
    7. Photoshop Killer Tips
  13. Chapter 4 Lens correcting lens problems
    1. Automatically Fixing Lens Problems
    2. Using Upright to Automatically Fix Lens Problems
    3. Guided Upgright: When Camera Raw Needs You to Help a Bit
    4. Fixing Chromatic Aberrations (That Colored Edge Fringe)
    5. Fixing Edge Vignetting
    6. Photoshop Killer Tips
  14. Chapter 5 Special Effects effects using camera raw
    1. Adding Vignetting Effects
    2. Adding Custom Vignettes & Spotlights
    3. Stitching Panoramas Right in Camera Raw
    4. Double-Processing to Create the Uncapturable
    5. Applying Selective Color in Camera Raw
    6. Wet Streets and Cobblestones
    7. Converting to Black and White
    8. Split Toning
    9. Duotones Made Crazy Easy
    10. Creating Your Own One-Click Presets in Camera Raw
    11. Photoshop Killer Tips
  15. Chapter 6 Scream of the Crop how to resize and crop photos
    1. Basic Cropping for Photos
    2. Cropping to a Specific Size
    3. Creating Your Own Custom Crop Tools
    4. Custom Sizes for Photographers
    5. Resizing Photos
    6. Automated Saving and Resizing
    7. Resizing for Poster-Sized Prints
    8. Straightening Crooked Photos
    9. Making Your Photos Smaller (Downsizing)
    10. Resizing Just Parts of Your Image Using “Content-Aware” Scaling
    11. Need Help Finding What You’re Looking For? Use Photoshop’s New Search Feature
    12. Photoshop Killer Tips
  16. Chapter 7 Layers of Light layers, selections, and compositing
    1. Working with Layers
    2. Selecting Square, Rectangular, or Round Areas
    3. Saving Your Selections
    4. Softening Those Harsh Edges
    5. Easier Selections with the Quick Selection Tool
    6. Making Really Tricky Selections, Like Hair (and Some Cool Compositing Tricks, Too!)
    7. Photoshop Killer Tips
  17. Chapter 8 HDR creating high dynamic range images
    1. Creating 16-Bit HDR Images in Camera Raw
    2. Creating the Tone-Mapped HDR Look
    3. Creating a Blended HDR to Get the Best of Both Worlds
    4. Getting the HDR Look on a Single Image
    5. How to Get Rid of “Ghosting” Problems
    6. High Pass Sharpening for HDR Images
    7. HDR Finishing Techniques (Vignetting, Sharpening & Soft Glow)
    8. Photoshop Killer Tips
  18. Chapter 9 Problem Child fixing common problems
    1. Fixing Reflections in Glasses
    2. Fixing Group Shots the Easy Way
    3. Liquify Is Now Re-Editable (and It Has a Handy Tool!)
    4. Removing Stuff Using Content-Aware Fill
    5. Moving Stuff Without Leaving a Hole by Using Content-Aware Move
    6. Photoshop Killer Tips
  19. Chapter 10 Special Edition special effects for photographers
    1. Desaturated Skin Look
    2. High-Contrast Portrait Look
    3. Dreamy Focus Effect for People and Landscapes
    4. Tilt Shift Effect (Using the Blur Gallery)
    5. Iris & Field Blur (or How to Fake the 85mm f/1.4 Look)
    6. Fashion Toning Using Photoshop’s Color Lookup Adjustment Layer
    7. Sculpting Using the Updated Liquify Filter
    8. Lens Flare Look
    9. Turning a Photo into an Oil Painting in One Click
    10. My Three-Click Method for Converting to B&W (If You’re Already in Photoshop)
    11. Quadtoning for Richer B&Ws
    12. Photographic Toning Effects (from Sepias to Split Tones)
    13. If You’re Really, Really Serious About B&W, Then Consider This Instead
    14. Photoshop Killer Tips
  20. Chapter 11 Sharp Tale sharpening techniques
    1. Sharpening Essentials
    2. The Most Advanced Sharpening in Photoshop
    3. Smarter Smart Sharpen
    4. High Pass Sharpening
    5. Output Sharpening in Camera Raw
    6. Saving Blurry Pictures Using the Shake Reduction Filter
    7. Photoshop Killer Tips
  21. Chapter 12 Dirty Work my step-by-step workflow
    1. My Photoshop CC Photography Workflow
    2. Photoshop Killer Tips
  22. INDEX

Product information

  • Title: The Adobe Photoshop CC Book for Digital Photographers (2017 release)
  • Author(s): Scott Kelby
  • Release date: December 2016
  • Publisher(s): New Riders
  • ISBN: 9780134545264