Chapter 3 Organizing Your Photos
The Adobe Lightroom eBook for Digital Photographers
Sorting Your
Photos in
the Grid View
The Grid view in the Library module is where most of your sorting will take place
and there are a few key things you need to know about the sorting process that
will keep you from pulling your hair out. Here’s how to start managing your
images with ease.
Step One:
Lightroom automatically sorts your
photos in the Grid view, either by the
time and date they were taken or by star
ratings you assign to your photos. By
default, it sorts by time and date, but you
can choose whether you want your pho-
tos to appear in ascending order (starting
with the most recently taken photo in
the top-left corner of the Preview area,
followed by the next most recent, etc.),
or you can go under the View menu,
under Sort, and choose Descending (as
shown here) to have the oldest photo in
the first position.
Step Two:
The other method of sorting (since
you can’t just drag the thumbnails into
the order you want at this point in
Lightroom’s development) is to give your
photos a 1- to 5-star rating (with 5 being
the best). Assigning ratings is easy—just
click on the thumbnail, then press either
1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 on your keyboard to assign
a rating. When you do this, you’ll see a
message appear near the bottom of the
Preview area confirming that your rating
has been applied (as shown here). To
remove a rating, press the 0 (zero) key.
37Chapter 3Organizing Your Photos
The Adobe Lightroom eBook for Digital Photographers
Step Three:
Now, you’re probably wondering why
you just assigned a star rating and yet
your photo didn’t jump to the top? It’s
because you have to change your sorting
choice to sort by rating. To do that, go
under the View menu, under Sort, and
choose Rating (as shown here). Now, if
you want your highest-rated photos to
appear first (at the top left of the Preview
area), then you’ll also need to make
sure the sort is set to Descending (also
found in the View menu, under Sort), so
the 5-star photos appear first, and then
the photos sort in a descending order
down to 1 star (with the unrated photos
appearing after the 1-star photos).
Step Four:
To save time, you can rate more than
one photo at a time—just press-and-hold
the Command key, click on all the pho-
tos you want to have the same rating (as
shown here), and then press the number
key on your keyboard for the rating you
want them all to have.
Chapter 3 Organizing Your Photos
The Adobe Lightroom eBook for Digital Photographers
Step Five:
Another way to apply ratings to photos
is to make the star ratings visible under
each photo’s thumbnail, and then click
directly on the rating you want to apply.
To have the ratings appear under the
thumbnails, click on the View Options
panel header on the left side of the
Lightroom window and the view options
will appear (as shown here). Once the
view options appear, make sure the Show
Extras checkbox is turned on, and then
turn on the Rating checkbox to make the
star ratings appear below the thumbnails.
When you move your cursor over photo
thumbnails in the Preview area, photos
that haven’t been rated yet will have five
tiny dots below them. To add a 4-star
rating to a photo, click on the fourth dot.
To give a photo a 3-star rating, click on
the third dot, and so on. To remove a
rating, click on the small circle to the left
of the first star.
Step Six:
Using ratings can be really handy for
sorting your images because once
you’ve assigned ratings, you can use the
Minimum Rating slider (shown circled in
red here) so that only your highest-rated
photos are displayed. The slider appears
in the Search panel, just below the Search
field, and when the slider is all the way
to the left, all your photos, regardless of
their rating, are displayed. As you click-
and-drag the slider to the right, it raises
the minimum rating. So, click-and-drag
the slider to the right until it shows a 4,
and then only your 4-star or higher rated
photos will still be visible in the Preview
area (as shown).

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