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Mario E. Moreira, The Agile Enterprise, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2391-8_3

3. Achieving Better Business Outcomes

Mario E. Moreira

(1)Winchester, Massachusetts, USA

It’s not about achieving Agile for Agile’s sake. It’s about achieving better business outcomes.

—Mario Moreira

I’m Agile, you’re Agile, everyone is Agile. Or folks think they are. But are they really? If Agile is implementing a mechanical process to you, then it’s not Agile. If Agile is pretending certainty without continuous feedback from customers, then it’s not Agile. If Agile is commanded from above with no ownership from teams, then it’s not Agile. Unfortunately, what is known as Agile in some places is certainly something, just not Agile.

Agile Pit Stop

Moving to ...

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