The AI Organization

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Much in the same way that software transformed business in the past two decades, AI is set to redefine organizations and entire industries. Just as every company is a software company today, every company will soon be an AI company.

This practical guide explains how business and technical leaders can embrace this new breed of organization. Based on real customer experience, Microsoft’s David Carmona covers the journey necessary to become an AI Organization—from applying AI in your business today to the deep transformation that can empower your organization to redefine the industry.

You'll learn the core concepts of AI as they are applied to real business, explore and prioritize the most appropriate use cases for AI in your company, and drive the organizational and cultural change needed to transform your business with AI.

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Table of contents

  1. Preface
    1. Conventions Used in This Book
    2. O’Reilly Online Learning
    3. How to Contact Us
  2. AI Hero: Julián
  3. 1. The AI Organization Defined
    1. The Emergence of AI
    2. AI Capabilities
      1. Learning
      2. Perception
      3. Cognition
    3. AI Capabilities Cheat Sheet
    4. The AI Organization
  4. AI Hero: Kriti
  5. 2. The Technical Transformation: Bringing AI to Every Application
    1. Understanding Your Application Portfolio
    2. Approaches to Software Transformation with AI
    3. Infusing AI into Your Applications
      1. Creating More Engaging Applications
      2. Creating More Productive Applications
    4. Creating New Applications with Conversational AI Interfaces
      1. Approaches to Your Conversational AI Strategy
      2. Omni-Bots
      3. Omni-Channel Bots
  6. AI Hero: Athina
  7. 3. The Business Transformation: Bringing AI to Every Business Process
    1. Transforming Your Business Units
    2. Identifying and Evaluating Use Cases
    3. Typical AI Use Cases
    4. Horizontal Processes
      1. Marketing
      2. Sales
      3. Finance
      4. Human Resources
      5. IT and Software Development
      6. Customer Service
    5. Vertical Processes
      1. Manufacturing
      2. Financial Services
      3. Retail
      4. Public Sector
      5. Health Care
  8. AI Hero: Tanya
  9. 4. The People Transformation: Bringing AI to Every Employee
    1. The Birth of the Citizen Data Scientist
    2. Democratization of Knowledge
    3. Democratization of AI Consumption
    4. Democratization of AI Creation
    5. AI Democratization Scenarios
    6. Managing Shadow AI
  10. AI Hero: Chema
  11. 5. The Culture of Collaboration: Organizing Teams
    1. From Projects to Products to Platform
    2. Architecting Teams for a Platform Approach: MLOps
      1. The Agile Loop of MLOps
    3. Creating an AI Team
      1. Where Should the AI Team Report To?
      2. Building Versus Buying
  12. 6. The Culture of Data: Leveraging Your Data Estate
    1. Technologies Involved
      1. Operational Data Stores
      2. Data Warehouses
      3. Data Lakes
      4. Knowledge Graphs
    2. Consolidating Your Data Estate: Data Hubs
    3. Data-Driven Culture
  13. AI Hero: Cristian
  14. 7. The Culture of Talent: Upskilling Your Organization
    1. Skills for Technical Departments
    2. Skills for Business Units
    3. Skills for Any Employee
    4. Strategies for Talent Development
      1. Technical Training
      2. Business Training
    5. Hiring for the AI Organization
  15. AI Hero: Cathy
  16. 8. The Culture of Ethics: Responsible AI
    1. Responsible AI Principles
      1. Fairness
      2. Reliability And Safety
      3. Privacy And Security
      4. Inclusiveness
      5. Transparency
      6. Accountability
    2. The Responsible AI Development Lifecycle
      1. Definition
      2. Development
      3. Operations
    3. Practices for the Responsible AI Lifecycle
  17. 9. The AI Heroes
  18. A. AI Crash Course for Business Leaders
    1. Creating Your First Python Application
      1. Installing the Development Environment
      2. Python Fundamentals
      3. Learn More
    2. Consuming Your First AI Service
      1. Configuring the Service
      2. Consuming the Service from Python
      3. Using Text Analytics
      4. Learn More
    3. Creating Your First Bot
      1. Creating Your First LUIS Service
      2. Adding Intents
      3. Adding Entities
      4. Testing and Publishing Your Service
      5. Consuming the Service from Python
      6. Learn More
    4. Creating Your First Machine Learning Model
      1. Basic Concepts
      2. Linear Regression
      3. Multivariable Linear Regression
      4. Gradient Descent
      5. Classification Models
      6. Other Machine Learning Algorithms
    5. Creating Your First Artificial Neural Network Model
      1. Artificial Neural Networks and the Human Brain
      2. How Artificial Neural Networks Work
      3. Creating a Neural Network with Keras and TensorFlow
      4. More Neural Network Architectures
    6. Reinforcement Learning
      1. CartPole Example
      2. Q-Learning Algorithm
      3. Deep Q-Learning
    7. Learn More
  19. Index

Product information

  • Title: The AI Organization
  • Author(s): David Carmona
  • Release date: November 2019
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781492057321