At this point in my career I often land a listing to sell on my presence alone. But there was a time when this required more of a fight for Matt and me.

Still, the game for certain A-list clients and multimillion-dollar developers is always to test you. They want their team leaders on their toes at all times. Keep ’em sharp. No matter the position of your career or the listing and client you’re trying to land, there are a few tricks you always can use.

As I’ve said, the first thing I push is my availability and willingness to hustle. I make sure the client knows this, and that no one else will measure up to me. No one will be there to fight for a client with as much force and speed as I will. That’s the way I have branded our business: 24/7 for you.

The next thing is, through research and gut instinct we know that people respond differently to different people. So the Altman Brothers will often close an open as a pair, a team. We often work together for listing appointments. A potential seller might like me and not Matt, or the other way around – Matt is often a shoulder to lean on while I aggressively bite my way through, ready to kill competition.

Recently my wife Heather and I met with a property manager who right away took to Heather’s refined and amazing charm. My wife correctly believed she had the listing. We then met with the owner. Turns out he was an old numbers guy, a businessman. He preferred to do business ...

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