We roll out the red carpet when we’re repping buyers. We please. We impress. We gain their confidence. We show them a good time. This is when Matt and I go beyond being real estate agents. This is the Altman Brothers all-exclusive concierge service. For a buyer, this is fun. I’d work with us if I were buying. This part’s for us, too. Let it be fun for you as well.

What do we offer? Everything and anything as long as it’s legal. Most importantly, we offer our clients luxury and privacy while touring listings. We provide access to the most exclusive events and impossible-to-book restaurant tables in the city. After all these years, Matt and I have massive reach within the real estate industry worldwide. Trust me.

If you’re looking to buy with us as your agents, you’re going to have a good time, no cameras in your face. LA becomes yours and if you let us do our job, sit back, and simply pick what you want, you’ll be happily paying taxes in no time. You’ll be a resident. You’ll have a baller home. And you’ll always have the Altman Brothers to call.

For buyers, I’ve cut the number of questions almost in half of the amount as sellers. Why? Endless data tells me buyers fall in love with a house in an instant; Kahneman’s System 1 thinking takes hold first: You like what you like on the surface without the need for deliberation. My first objective is to figure out what makes a buyer smile. For some it’s an entryway, for others a kitchen, ...

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