The Apple TV Pocket Guide, Second Edition

Book description

Here is your essential companion to the Apple TV set-top box. The Apple TV Pocket Guide steers you through how to

  • Connect your Apple TV to your television and home network.

  • Rent and buy movies--including HD movies--using Apple TV.

  • Stream content from a friend's computer to your TV.

  • View high-definition content on your HDTV using the Apple TV.

  • Watch movies and TV shows, view photos, and listen to songs and podcasts.

  • Create high-quality movies from DVDs you own to play on the Apple TV.

  • Convert your own home movies for showing on the big screen.

  • Watch YouTube videos.

  • View photos from iPhoto, Flickr, and .Mac Web Galleries.

  • Fix common problems and learn what to do if you can't fix them yourself.

  • Product information

    • Title: The Apple TV Pocket Guide, Second Edition
    • Author(s): Jeff Carlson
    • Release date: April 2008
    • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
    • ISBN: 9780321578976