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The Applied Business Analytics Casebook: Applications in Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, and Operations Research

Book Description

The first collection of cases on “big data” analytics for supply chain, operations research, and operations management, this reference puts readers in the position of the analytics professional and decision-maker. Perfect for students, practitioners, and certification candidates in SCM, OM, and OR, these short, focused, to-the-point case studies illustrate the entire decision-making process. They provide realistic opportunities to perform analyses, interpret output, and recommend an optimal course of action. Contributed by leading “big data” experts, the cases in The Applied Business Analytics Casebook covers: 

  • Forecasting and statistical analysis: time series forecasting models, regression models, data visualization, and hypothesis testing

  • Optimization and simulation: linear, integer, and nonlinear programming; Monte Carlo simulation and risk analysis; and stochastic optimization

  • Decision analysis: decision making under uncertainty; expected value of perfect information; decision trees; game theory models; AHP; and multi-criteria decision making

  • Advanced business analytics: data warehousing/mining; text mining; neural networks; financial analytics; CRM analytics; and revenue management models

  • Table of Contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Dedication Page
    5. Table of Contents
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. About the Author
    8. Contributor List
    9. Preface
    10. 1: Forecasting and Process Analysis
      1. Case 1. Forecasting Sales at Ska Brewing Company
        1. Background
        2. Mission
        3. Questions about Breweries
        4. Questions about Ska’s Annual Data
        5. Questions about Ska’s Monthly Data
        6. Conclusion
        7. Exhibits
      2. Case 2. Maintaining Financial Success and Expanding into Other Markets at FeedMyPet.com
        1. Introduction
        2. Maintaining Financial Success
        3. New Marketing Plan
        4. Final Thoughts on Analysis
        5. Exhibits
      3. Case 3. Forecasting Offertory Revenue at St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church
        1. Introduction
        2. St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church
        3. Cash Flow Analysis
        4. Budgeting for 2006
        5. Exhibits
      4. Case 4. Pizza Station
        1. Background
        2. Ordering
        3. Pizza Assembly
        4. Baking
        5. Cutting/Boxing/Labeling
        6. Delivery
        7. Suppliers
        8. Analysis
        9. Exhibits
    11. 2: Optimization and Simulation
      1. Case 5. Inventory Management at Squirrel Hill Cosmetics
        1. Company Background
        2. Current Operations
        3. Potential Problems
        4. A Second Meeting
        5. The Memo
      2. Case 6. Safety Stock Planning for a Hong Kong Fashion Retailer
        1. Introduction and Company Background
        2. Safety Stock Analysis
        3. Inventory Cost Analysis
        4. Further Discussions and Analysis
        5. Exhibits
      3. Case 7. Network Design at Commonwealth Pipeline Company
        1. Introduction
        2. Pipeline Network Repair and Replacement
        3. Exhibits
      4. Case 8. Publish or Perish: Scheduling Challenges in the Publishing Industry
        1. Introduction
        2. The Book Publishing Industry
        3. APG Publishing Company
        4. The Production Department
        5. The Book Production Process at APG
        6. Reality Kicks In...
        7. More Trouble on the Horizon
        8. Exhibits
    12. 3: Decision Analysis
      1. Case 9. Narragansett Brewing Company: Build a Brewery
        1. Introduction to Narragansett Brewing Company
        2. The Keg Facility Location Decision
        3. The Brewery Location Decision
      2. Case 10. Aluminum Versus Plastic: A Life-Cycle Perspective on the Use of These Materials in Laptop Computers
        1. Introduction
        2. The Aluminum Industry
        3. Durable Aluminum
        4. Sustainability Approach
        5. Computer Hardware Industry
        6. Competitive Landscape
        7. Integration of Aluminum in Product Design
        8. Consumer Electronics End-of-Life
        9. Life-Cycle Comparison of Aluminum and Plastic Laptop Cases
        10. New Business Development Initiative
        11. Case Challenge
        12. Exhibits
      3. Case 11. HealthCare’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program
        1. Sustainability Coordinator’s First Project
        2. HealthCare’s Current Situation
        3. HVAC Replacement
        4. Exhibits
      4. Case 12. PaperbackSwap.com: Got Books?
        1. Introduction
        2. Company Background
        3. Seed Capital and Advice
        4. Initial Operations
        5. The Business Goes Live
        6. Competitors
        7. Business Model
        8. Extendibility of Business Model
        9. Financial Structure
        10. Future Risks
        11. Exhibits
      5. Case 13. Stranded in the Nyiri Desert: A Group Case Study
        1. The Situation
        2. Second Copy to Turn In
    13. 4: Advanced Business Analytics
      1. Case 14. Joe’s Coin Shop: Entry into Online Auctions
        1. Introduction
        2. Company History
        3. Market Survey
        4. Costs of an Online Market
        5. Data Analysis
        6. Exhibits
      2. Case 15. Vehicle Routing at Otto’s Discount Brigade
        1. Introduction
        2. Otto’s Distribution Network
        3. Challenge for the Logistics Manager
        4. Exhibits
    14. Index