It's time for a conversation, a conversation about communication. This is your new and personal guide to communication success in the workplace. You are about to have a different experience regarding words and their impact on you in the workplace and in your life. This conversation offers instructional support and encouragement as it introduces the daily communication processes we experience in organizational settings and show their interrelationship to one another. The Communication Staircase Model is the key to understanding your ability to take decisive and deliberate action. When we use communication as our primary tool of purposeful action, we can accomplish our personal and professional goals.

Through our words, we are individually creating our personal movie called LIFE. Communication is the common denominator of self-empowerment that every human being shares, regardless of race, class, gender, socioeconomic level, or environmental circumstances. There are few things in life we can say everyone (barring physiological circumstances) is equally endowed with, but the universal gift of thought and communication is one of them-the endowment of human reasoning and language. It is an amazing ability, one we take for granted but still the most powerful resource we have.


Communication is synonymous with creation for humans.

Do you recognize the remarkable way words connect and disconnect us, especially in the business setting? Communication is the foundation of

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