Chapter 6. Resources and REST

"COM! NET! ORG! We represent much more! COM! NET! ORG! We represent much more!" The chanting grew louder as Web neared the square. A stage was set up right in the center, and an empty podium waited for the gathering's speakers to begin their addresses. Web could feel the buzz that permeates the senses whenever people assemble in a herd—the echoing chants, the waving signs, motion, aspiration, all in unison.

Up near the square, the composition of the crowd was more diverse—not just URLs but protocols, interpreters, libraries—everyone gathered to support the URLs. A few technicians appeared on the stage and began tinkering with the microphone.

"Testing, testing," a skinny URL tapped on the microphone, his voice cracking. "Looks like we'll be multicasting today, ahiehaha!" he said to cheering crowds.

These guys just don't quit, Web thought to himself, shaking his head. But why am I here? Who am I supposed to meet?

And then Web caught her eye, up near the stage but off to the side where the crowd was sparse—a woman with the unmistakable look of someone who was above the fray. She held a walkie-talkie in her hand and stood with three others in deep conversation.

The woman said something and the other three turned and looked at Web.

Are you...? Web mouthed from across the square, not knowing what else to say but remembering what he had been told back at the compound.

Just show up and stay alert. Everything else will take care of itself.

Yes, the woman mouthed back, ...

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