Chapter 1. 30-Day Master Seduction Plan Overview

You must be willing to make major behavioral changes when interacting with other people in order to become a master seducer. Not only that, but these changes must become part of your everyday routine. I know old habits die hard, but committing wholeheartedly to making the changes in this 30-day plan is not only the first step in your makeover, it is the most crucial step in reinventing your business personality. You'll immediately learn the benefits of tempering your natural instincts to speak first—no longer will you always try to get in the first word. You will now approach each encounter with an open mind and a closed mouth—taking your time to assess and observe the situation and reacting to what you are able to take in during this discovery phase. More specific, you will alter your approach in business encounters so that you first and foremost act as a virtual sounding board absorbing the stream of clues, body language, and other valuable insights the person with whom you're engaging is unknowingly sharing. You'll learn to squash your natural instinct to be a one-way broadcaster of information, always trying to sell yourself and gain the upper hand with aggressive and domineering verbal behavior.

Business guru and bestselling author Peter Drucker summed it up best when he said the key is to always "Listen first, speak last." This book will guide you step by step and week by week on how best to adopt this approach and use it to ...

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