Chapter 4. Watching

No doubt, on the surface, the concept of watching seems simple enough. After all, we watch people and things every day. Whether it's your child's soccer game, the other cars on the road when you are driving, or reruns of Seinfeld before bed, your eyes are well trained. But are they?

This second step in my four-step L-WAR program, though, is much more than just seeing, or staring blankly at what transpires before your eyes. More specifically, this chapter serves as a tutorial on how to expertly observe the bountiful feast of information that you constantly come in contact with. It's about learning to identify and comprehend body language and eye contact so that you can understand the full message that someone is sending your way. As you'll discover, listening and watching go hand in hand even though they are independent skills. Put these two skills to work in tandem and they will help you gain the upper hand in all business and social relationships.

First and foremost, I teach you here how to read and decipher body language and eye contact. If you are hoping to become a master business seducer, this is a skill you must further develop. Because as you (and others) try to hide your true feelings by couching the words that come out of your mouth, body language reveals exactly how and what you are feeling. At the moment of truth, when your guard is down or when you are under stress or feeling anxious, your genuine feelings will boil to the surface, courtesy of your ...

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