Chapter 5. Anticipate and React

In the previous two chapters, my 30-day plan concentrated extensively on teaching you how to become better at listening and watching when engaged in business and social encounters. Hopefully, you have spent time carefully observing those around you, trying to read between the lines and truly understand what it is they are saying both with their mouths and their bodies. You are now, thanks to the L-WAR strategy, a skilled interpreter—able to decode the cryptic language others speak so that you know exactly what they mean every time they open their mouth.

There is no longer any miscommunication. No longer does the hidden meaning behind someone's statements escape you. When your client asks, "Why does it takes so long to ship a product from the warehouse?" you now know that what he's really saying is, "I want the product to ship faster, so figure out a better way to get the product from point A to point B."

What he is not saying is, "Please explain to me all the workings of your current shipping setup so that I get the full picture as to why everything shows up late!"

If you have followed my plan, you should now be operating on a more advanced wavelength when it comes to deciphering what others are saying. Likewise, you are now more aware of the hidden messages conveyed by someone's body language; and from these subtle gestures and actions you are able to build a more robust and accurate picture of what someone is really saying.

You can use this feast of ...

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