Chapter 9. Techniquette— The Etiquette of Technology

Technology is a crutch we all lean on. From cell phones to e-mail to texting to the ubiquitous social networks—everyone feels the constant need to be in touch with home, the office, customers, and clients. But while all technological devices come with an owner's operating manual, they unfortunately don't come with a common-sense guide explaining "the do's and don'ts" of properly using these gadgets.

Everyone has a favorite device—for me, it's my Blackberry. So whether it's a Smartphone, iPhone, or Droid, we all clutch them with a death grip for fear if we lose the device we will lose our hold on life. There is an irrational fear that one missed phone call or one unreturned message will result in a customer fleeing for a competitor because they don't get the attention they feel they deserve or a boss screaming "You're fired" because he got bounced to voice mail. Just as these devices make our lives simpler, they inversely make them just as complicated, as we all wrestle with such behavior.

I have a serious affection (bordering on obsession) with gadgets of all kinds, so I am certainly not going to sing you a nostalgic song about the good old days of rotary phones and epistolary communication. I wholeheartedly advocate using these devices, but don't let them control your life. And when you do use them, use not only common sense but use consideration as well.

Here is a quick tutorial that won't cut off your technological lifeblood and ...

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