Chapter 11. Seduction Maintenance

Continuing to Seduce . . . The L-WAR Journey Never Ends

None of what we have covered here is one-use-only.

None of it is a quick fix.

L-WAR is a way of business life. Yes, it is designed for your personal gain—but it also has the happy result of making other people feel good about their interaction with you. If, once you had your way with them, and you then disappeared—it would be as bad as the dating version of that cruel ditch!

Sometimes a client has no budget for you—or your boss cannot give you the pay raise you deserve. Is that game over? No. It's just the beginning. "No" might mean no. . . . But it also might mean "maybe in the future" or "keep trying" or "not now, but soon" or "no, not this, but maybe something else."

Building a trusted business relationship is a wonderful thing. This person will become your friend, will go to bat for you, and will throw business your way. In the beginning, though, you may see no results and you may find yourself wanting to abandon this new contact. Do not fall into that trap! Once that relationship is rolling—even if it is currently producing nothing for you—don't let it stop.

In many ways it's like filling up the gas tank in your car. You fill it up, you drive off, everything is great—but at some point the gas is going to run out and the car will no longer take you anywhere. Do you abandon it now? Or do you make the effort to drive to the gas station, whine about the price of gas, go out in the cold and fill ...

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