"Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me."

In this famous scene from the movie The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman's character knows all too well the power of seduction—yet he stands there unable to resist. As in that iconic scene, seduction commonly refers to romantically luring another into the bedroom.

But in a much broader sense, seduction can simply be about winning over other people, attracting them, and enticing them.

We all have a memory of being seduced by the charms of another. From grade school until now it is hard to resist someone who knows the exact right things to say and do.

I now know these things. And I will teach them to you.

Imagine having that same power in a business setting. A world where your boss, clients, and co-workers all admire you, respect you, and are desperate to be around you and help you get what you want.

There is no more powerful information you need to put to use in your career. By reading my book and educating yourself in the Art of Business Seduction you will own that power and put it to use to get you exactly what you want.

In today's ultracompetitive business environment, it's imperative that you have enough firepower in your arsenal to come out ahead in any situation—especially in business. Understanding the powers of seduction will give you the edge you need. Whether it's persuading a ticketing agent to bump you up to first class on a cross-country flight when traveling to the other coast to meet clients, negotiating a greater salary increase ...

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