Chapter 1: The Art of Being Unreasonable

Being Unreasonably Unreasonable

Discovering the Art of Unreason

Chapter 2: Why Not? The Powerful Question

“Why Not?” as the First Step to Success

Nothing Sets Me Off More Than Being Told I Can’t Do Something

“Why Not?” Should Be Something You Ask Every Day

Chapter 3: Forget Conventional Wisdom

Conventional Wisdom Strangles Innovation

Innovation Is a Permanent Revolution

Success Is a Starting Point, Not a Conclusion

Nothing Lasts Forever

Look Outside Your Personal and Professional Comfort Zone

Chapter 4: Do Your Homework No Matter How Much Time It Takes

Don’t Waste Time on Shortcuts—They’re Usually Dead Ends

Pay Attention to History

Is Core Competency Just Another Term for Complacency?

Once You’ve Done Your Homework, Put in the Long Effort—It Will Pay Off in Unexpected Ways

Big Ideas Don’t Happen in a Moment

You Can’t Do It All Yourself, So Ask Questions and Delegate

Chapter 5: The Value of Being Second

Follow the Smart First Movers

Markets Evolve and First Movers Sometimes Can’t, or Won’t, Keep Up

First Movers Always Leave Some Room—You Just Need to Find It

Study a First Mover’s Failure for Clues to Success

Whether You’re the First Mover, the Second, or the Last—Just Keep Moving

Chapter 6: How to Work 24/7 and Still Get 8 Hours of Sleep

Work Doesn’t Have to Be Your Life, But Your Life Is Your Work

Know What You Have to Do, Which Is Less Than You Think

Not Everyone Needs 8 Hours

Setting Priorities Means Being ...

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