About the Companion Website

Another innovation we present with the Second Edition is a dedicated website for the book. Go to www.wiley.com/go/islamicbanking2e (password: wiley14).

The website includes:

  • All charts from the book.
  • Quarterly updates of price history of all the commodities, houses, and financial markets in the form of updated price charts.
  • Answers to end-of-chapter review questions.

The RF financial and banking disciplines pioneered in this book (Chapter 3) will be applied to study fair pricing in the marketplace. The analysis will be used to warn users to be careful in case an economic price bubble materializes and to encourage them to take advantage of situations when prices in the market reflect undervaluation.

The reader can contact the author by e-mail at yarahman@msn.com or yarahman@whittierbank.com with any questions or discussions regarding the information discussed in the book and on the website.

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