Chapter 6Help Lead Others to Be Change Leaders Who Drive Transformation

Culture does not change because we desire to change it. Culture changes when the organization is transformed; the culture reflects the realities of people working together every day.

—Frances Hesselbein

The change cycle that I shared in Chapter 5 is a tool for understanding where you are on the cycle and the value of becoming a change leader who focuses on learning, growing, and having an eye to the future. In this chapter we explore how you as a change leader can help others to be change leaders and how you can inspire others to be drivers of transformation while creating a culture of engaged change leaders. Helping others through the change cycle and coaching them to increase their capabilities as it relates to leading change is one of the most rewarding things you as a leader can do.

My leadership philosophy is that everyone is and can be a leader. I mentioned in a previous chapter that Zappos has embraced this concept and has gone to the holocracy model, in which teams of people work together with a shared leadership approach. In a recent blog post on March 19, 2015, futurist Jacob Morgan explores the phenomena of managerless companies. There is a shift afoot where organizations are looking at the everyone-is-a-leader concept literally and applying it to the business operations. Companies such as Morningstar Farms, Sun Hydraulics, Valve, Medium, and W.L. Gore have all gone this route. The industries ...

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