Chapter 3Pay Per Click

An Introduction

Appearing in the number-one position of a SERP is no easy feat, but what if you were told that SEO was not the only way to achieve this mammoth accomplishment? Search marketing, in particular pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, is another lucrative option available to you. The difference between SEO and PPC, however, is in the name—you have got to pay for PPC!

Have you ever noticed those three listings at the top of a SERP with a yellow ad icon beside them, almost unfairly pushing down organic search listings? Those are the product of PPC-savvy digital marketers, reaping the benefits of high click-through rates (CTRs) by paying a little extra.


Just like SEO, PPC has its own four-stage iterative process, which you can see in Figure 3.1. With this form of advertising every cent counts, and with the added element of expenditure you need to maintain an astute attention to detail so as to not spend your budget frivolously. Take a look at each of these four stages so you know exactly what is in store for you in this chapter!

  1. Set your goals. Before beginning and investing in your PPC journey, you first need to learn about the benefits PPC can bring to your business. With this knowledge you can then define exactly ...

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