Chapter 10Strategy and Planning

An Introduction

Let's make a digital marketing cake. You have all the ingredients lined up and ready to go, now let's put them all into the strategy bowl and mix it together with your planning spoon. After some time baking in the oven, you will have a successful campaign!

A successful digital marketing campaign is one that uses the most appropriate channels to achieve the maximum impact—this chapter will guide you through the process.

You will be able to recognize the most suitable channels for a particular campaign, how to cost and resource your plan appropriately, and how to set and align business objectives with tight implementation plans and well-considered tactical solutions.


This chapter will give you full knowledge of the four stages of the strategy and planning process shown in Figure 10.1:

  1. Approach. Before you begin to plan a digital marketing campaign, you have to step back and look at the big picture, spot gaps, and find ways to fill them. Your campaign should be an amazing couture gown—not a dress made from itchy material that the dressmaker forgot to take pins out of!
  2. Audience. Your campaign will not be a success unless the right people see it. ...

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