Chapter 6People Don't Think about You as Much as You Think They Do

People are inherently narcissists. For now, we are all trapped in this one carbon‐based body. (This should all the changing by 2050 with the coming of singularity, thank you very much, AI.) This means that each of us experiences the world through only one limited viewpoint. Our own.

It really does not matter how empathetic a person is or how considerate they are or how open to other perspectives a person may be. While all of those are admirable traits, it still does not change the fact that we can only perceive the world within our own brain. Life is our own film where we have a starring role and everybody else is a supporting character, at best.

Cynical? I don't think so. Clearly we need to think about ourselves more than anyone else on a day‐to‐day basis to actually stay alive. If we don't eat and drink and take all the other necessary steps as a human being on a regular basis, we will cease to exist. Fact, not opinion. We spend the majority of our time thinking about ourselves and what is necessary to do in order to, at the very least, function and, at the very best, be happy and healthy and thrive. If we accept that each person thinks mostly about his or her own self then we can infer that everyone else is thinking very little about us. And that is a liberating thing.

Comedians live and die by what people think about them. The reason that public speaking is consistently in the top three of the list of fears ...

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