The Art of Drawing Folds

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From Renaissance fresco painters to contemporary graphic novel artists, the ability to draw clothed figures from one’s imagination has always been crucial to artists – and exceptionally difficult to attain. With over 220 illustrations, The Art of Drawing Folds: An Illustrator’s Guide to Drawing the Clothed Figure reveals the logic and patterns in folds, enabling the reader to more easily predict the behavior of cloth when creating folds in their own drawings and paintings.

Addressing folds in clothing systematically, the author provides a clear, concise approach to the analysis, classification and visualization of convincingly naturalistic folds. Starting with the nature of fabric and its geometry, this book methodically explores the reasons for fold behavior based on the construction of clothing and the shapes and actions of the human figure. An essential guide and reference for animators, illustrators, storyboard artists, comic-book artists, 3D modelers, sculptors, fashion designers and students, The Art of Drawing Folds simplifies one of the most complex and important aspects of drawing the clothed figure.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
    1. What Are Folds?
    2. Three-Dimensional Drawing
    3. Learning to Draw Folds
  7. 1 An Overview of Folds and Materials
    1. Planes, Cylinders and Cones
    2. Parallel Folds
    3. Radial Folds
    4. Compound Folds
    5. Complex Folds
    6. Some Characteristics of Materials and Their Folds
  8. 2 The Elements of Folds
    1. Cloth Draped Over the Figure
    2. Cloth Under Tension and Compression
    3. Convex and Concave Surfaces
    4. The Anatomy of a Fold
    5. The Hinge Line and the Crease
    6. The Geometry of Hinge Lines
    7. Wide, Narrow and Circular Folds
    8. Compound Folds
    9. The Effects of Gravity
    10. The Effects of Wind
    11. The Strength of Folds
  9. 3 Parallel Folds
    1. Simple Parallel Folds
      1. The Hinge Line, Length Lines and Width Curves of Parallel Folds
      2. Connected Parallel Folds
      3. Flowing Curves
      4. Cylindrical Cloth Tubes
      5. Parallel Ridge and Valley Folds
      6. Shear Folds
      7. Overlapping or S Folds
    2. Compound Parallel Folds
      1. Bent Folds
      2. Zigzag Folds
      3. Flattened Bent and Zigzag Folds
  10. 4 Radial Folds
    1. Simple Radial Folds
      1. The Hinge Line, Length Lines and Width Curves of Radial Folds
      2. Basic Radial Folds
      3. Funnel-Shaped Cloth Tubes
      4. Radial Ridge and Valley Folds
      5. Fan Folds
    2. Compound Radial Folds
      1. The Same Compound Fold Created in Two Different Ways
  11. 5 Interlocking Folds
    1. Inverted Folds
    2. Two Parallel Folds Interlock
    3. Interlocking Groups of Parallel Folds
    4. Parallel Folds Interlock with Radial Folds
    5. Interlocking Groups of Radial Folds
  12. 6 Complex Folds
    1. Ditch and Bridge Folds
    2. Bent Tube Folds
    3. Folds at the Joints
      1. Folds at the Flexed Knee
      2. Nested Folds in the Inner Crease of the Elbow Joint
      3. Fan Folds on the Outside of the Elbow
      4. Radial Folds at the Side of a Flexed Joint
    4. Subdivided Radial Folds
    5. Subdivided Radial Ridge Folds
    6. Nested Inverted Radial Folds
    7. Festoon Folds
    8. Linked Festoon Folds
    9. Telescoping Folds
    10. Twisting Folds
    11. Compressed Radial Folds
    12. Zigzag and Bent Tube Folds Compared
  13. 7 Folds at the Floor and Edges
    1. How Cloth Folds When It Meets the Floor
      1. Simple Folds in Cloth at the Floor Turn
      2. Doubled Cloth Turns
      3. Radial Folds Whose Tails Disappear at the Floor Turn
      4. Horizontal Zigzag Folds at the Floor Turn
      5. Vertical Zigzag Folds at the Floor Turn
      6. Bent Tube Folds at the Floor Turn
      7. An Approach to Drawing Cloth Hitting the Floor
    2. How Cloth Folds When Draped Over an Edge
      1. Cloth Draped over an Edge at an Angle
      2. An S Fold Crosses an Edge
      3. A Rounded Parallel or Radial Fold Crosses an Edge
      4. A Ridge Fold Crosses an Edge
  14. 8 Drawing the Figure
    1. The Mannequin
    2. The Proportions of the Figure
      1. A Note on Proportions
      2. Exaggerated Proportions of the Male and Female Figures
      1. The Head
    4. The Ribcage and Clavicles
      1. The Hips
      2. The Spine
    5. The Upper Limb
      1. The Clavicle, Scapula and Shoulder Joint
      2. The Arm
      3. The Wrist, Hand and Fingers
    6. The Lower Limb
      1. The Hip and Thigh
      2. The Knee and Lower Leg
      3. The Ankle and Foot
    7. Muscle Crawl
    8. Joint Surface Exposure and Length Change
    9. Tendon Stretch
    10. Creases
  15. 9 Clothing and Folds on the Figure
    1. Clothing Construction
    2. Anchor Points and Tension Lines
    3. Studying Tension and Compression in a Pillow
      1. Folds in Pants
      2. The Construction of Pants
      3. How Folds Are Created When the Upper Leg is Flexed
      4. How Folds Are Created When the Knee is Flexed
      5. Folds in Pants When Standing
      6. Folds in Pants When Walking and Running
      7. Folds in Pants in Other Poses
      8. Folds in Pant Legs as They Rest on Shoes
    4. Folds in Shirts and Blouses
      1. Folds in the Body of Shirts
      2. The Patterns of Folds in Shirts
      3. Some Differences to the Folds in Blouses
      4. Folds in Shirt Sleeves
      5. Folds Formed in Shirts When the Arm is Down
      6. Folds in Shirts When the Arm is Raised to Shoulder Level
      7. Folds in Shirts When the Arm is Raised Above the Shoulder
    5. Folds in Formal Jackets and Coats
      1. The Patterns of Folds in Formal Jackets and Coats
      2. Jacket Folds at the Shoulders and Neck
      3. Jacket Folds Created by Moving the Shoulders Forward or Back
    6. Folds in Skirts, Dresses and Robes
    7. Folds in Shoes and Boots
  16. 10 Folds in Hands and Gloves
    1. The Back of the Hand
    2. The Fingers
    3. The Palm
    4. The Thumb
    5. The Wrist
    6. Tendon Stretch and the Fingers
  17. 11 Folds and Wrinkles on the Face
    1. The Eyes
    2. Folds in the Cheeks
    3. The Forehead
    4. Folds of the Face in Youth and Age
    5. Drawing Smiling Faces
  18. 12 Light and Shade
    1. Twenty Illustrations Explaining Light and Shade
  19. Index

Product information

  • Title: The Art of Drawing Folds
  • Author(s): Kelly Brine
  • Release date: October 2017
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781351811583