Appendix A. NXT and EV3 compatibility

LEGO has done an admirable job of ensuring that the EV3 Brick and software work well with the existing NXT hardware. In fact, the NXT motors and sensors all work just fine with the EV3 set. So if you have an NXT set, you can use the parts with your EV3 set to expand the range of possible robots you can build. For schools and FLL teams, this backwards compatibility means that the investment made in NXT products isn’t lost if you move to the EV3 products.

Using the NXT motors and sensors with the EV3 Brick and software is easy; everything will work as you would expect. However, for the most part you can’t go in the other direction; the EV3 sensors won’t work with the NXT Brick (although the EV3 motors will), ...

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