IC1805 (Heart Nebula) in False Color

Synthetic colors, synthetic luminance and real stars





Refractor, 71 mm aperture, 350 mm focal length

Reducer (none, 5-element astrograph)

QSI683 CCD (Kodak KAF8300 sensor)

QSI integrated Filter Wheel (1.25” Baader filters)

QSI integrated off-axis guider with Lodestar CCD

Paramount MX, Berlebach tripod

Software: (Windows 7)

Sequence Generator Pro, ASCOM drivers

PHD2 autoguider software

PixInsight (Mac OSX)

Exposure: (Hα, SII, OIII, RGB)

Hα, SII, OIII bin 1; 15 × 1,200 seconds each

RGB bin 1; 10 × 200 seconds each

IC1805 is a large emission nebula, mostly formed from ionized hydrogen plasma, powered by the radiation from the star cluster (Melotte 15) at its center. Its shape resembles a ...

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