NGC2264 (Cone Nebula Region)

An experiment in wide-field portable imaging, using color cameras.





Refractor, 71 mm aperture, 350 mm focal length

Canon EOS60Da, QSI683 and Fuji X-T1

IDAS LPS-D1 filter, RGB filters

Avalon Linear Mount, T-Pod

SX Superstar guide camera, 60-mm guide scope

Software: (Windows 10)

Sequence Generator Pro, ASCOM drivers

PHD2 autoguider software

PixInsight (Mac OS) / Nebulosity 4

Exposure (color and RGB) 3.75 hours for each system_

(Canon / Fuji) 150 × 90 seconds @ ISO 800

(QSI) RGB filters bin 1; 15 × 300 seconds each

It is all to easy to be carried away with astrophotography by acquiring more equipment and generally becoming more sophisticated. This alone can be off-putting to those aspiring to try ...

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