Chapter 8. It Can Be Another Way

Before I became a marketing specialist and author, I was an inner-world journalist for over 10 years, writing for several leading-edge magazines. As a result, I've seen miracles with my own eyes. For example:

  • I interviewed Meir Schneider, a man who was diagnosed as blind. He was given a certificate saying he was incurably blind, and yet today he sees, he reads, he writes, he drives a car—and he has helped thousands of people regain their vision, as well.

  • I spent time with Barry and Suzi Kaufman at their Option Institute and saw and heard of miracles. Their own child was born autistic. They were told to give up on him. But they didn't. They worked with their son, loved him, nurtured him, accepted him—and healed him. Today he lives as an above-average, happy, successful adult.

  • I've sat in dozens of workshops where I saw people heal their relationships with their lovers, their parents, their kids. I've interviewed gurus and mentors, talked to people who have had "incurable" problems dissolved, and I've experienced miracles firsthand in my own life. I've come to believe that nothing—nothing!—is impossible.

The Healer's Healer

For more than 10 years, I worked with Jonathan Jacobs, a man called "the healer's healer" because his track record for helping heal people is so stunning that doctors referred their own patients to him. I've seen Jonathan take people with everything from money problems to back injuries to cancer, and help heal them, often in a single ...

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