Chapter 1

The BASICS Model Overview

Baseline (B):

■ Create the vision.

■ Train the leadership and implementation team in Lean.

■ Charter the team, scope the project.

■ Select the pilot area and team members.

■ Conduct five-day Lean training seminar.

■ Baseline metrics, identify the “gaps” and set targets.

■ Build a chronological file—take photos and videos of how it is today.

■ Health check.

■ Value-stream map: current, ideal, and future state.

■ Determine the customer demand and takt time (TT).

Assess/Analyze (A):

■ Involve all the staff to analyze the process.

■ Process-flow analysis (PFA)—become the customer or product. This includes a point-to-point diagram of how the product flows.

■ Create process block diagram.

■ Group tech analysis (if ...

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