7. Screen Insomnia: I love staring into a lightbulb! Me too!

They say if you want to understand women, listen to Oprah.

Oprah? The first female African-American billionaire. Awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom.1 Has donated more money to charities than almost any other celebrity ever.2 Awarded an honorary doctorate from Harvard.3 Host of The Oprah Winfrey Show for 25 years,4 the highest-rated talk show of all time.5

Oh, that Oprah. My favorite Oprah contribution, O: The Oprah Magazine—fans just call it O—is still on newsstands today. Each issue features a full-color, vibrant, airbrushed image of the person whom their editors have deemed the most important of the moment: Oprah. Christmas? Oprah on the cover. War? Oprah on the cover. First ...

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