Chapter 4 What-If Analysis: Wage Increase Ramifications

What-If dashboard that analyzes the impact of increasing the minimum wage within an organization.

Dashboard Designer: Matt Chambers


Big Picture

For some time now, people within your company and throughout the country have been rumbling about raising the minimum wage. Because you have a lot of people on staff who are hourly wage earners, you need to address the ramifications of how a possible government-mandated increase will affect costs.

Although you suspect that the state and federal government won't approve such a wage increase for several years, your company is considering increasing the minimum wage before then as a way to attract more talent and generate employee loyalty. As any increase right now will be voluntary, you are considering tying the increase to the number of years someone has been an employee. For example, instead of raising the minimum wage across the board from $9 an hour to $15 an hour, you're considering an increase for people who have been with the company for at least three years.


  • You need to show the increase in wage expenses by department based on an anticipated increase in the government-mandated minimum wage.
  • You need to see the distribution of wages and how minimum wage increases impact it.
  • You want to see how many employees would benefit from an increase in minimum wage. ...

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