Chapter 10 Showing Year-to-Date and Year-over-Year at the Same Time

Year-to-date/Year-over-year dashboard optimized for mobile devices.

Author: Steve Wexler

Organization: Data Revelations


Big Picture

You received a promotion in June of this year that involves managing sales for six different regions. Your number-one goal is to make sure that by the end of the year, the sales for each region will be greater than they were for the previous year.

You came into the new job knowing that two of the regions were way behind where they needed to be. In your discussions with upper management, you made the argument that a reasonable goal would be to exceed sales in four regions and improve the trend in the other two regions that were tanking.

As you are often out of the office visiting individual stores, you want to have a collection of mobile-friendly dashboards that allow you to monitor current performance, trends, and near-real-time details on demand. Back at the office, you have a single dashboard that combines all these elements into one view.

Here we'll look at how to fashion a dashboard that makes it easy to compare performance across ...

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