Chapter 14 Patient History Analysis of Recent Hospital Admissions

Planning tool for unscheduled day care at the NHS Southern Health Trust.

Dashboard designer: Simon Beaumont

Organization: Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, England


Big Picture

You are a clinician working at a health trust with many hospitals. Your role is to provide individualized health care to patients in your region. One aspect of this is responding to patients' hospital admissions. Your job is to help clinicians understand patient histories and use that information to create a plan to get the patient home as quickly as possible.

This dashboard shows the activity of individuals admitted to the hospital in the last 24 hours. Patients' recent medical histories help explain the reasons for their admission to the hospital. Along with personal knowledge of the patients, this information allows you to plan a successful intervention.


You want to know which patients were admitted to the hospital in the last day and in the last month. Of those who have been admitted, what health care visits have they had in the last five months?

Dashboard shows patients 19, 95, 64, 205, 103, 193, 191, and 180 admitted in last 24 hours with the details of admission, discharge, adult physical health, and older persons mental health.

Figure 14.1 The first section shows admissions in the last day. In this example, there were 14.

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