Chapter 21 Hospital Operating Room Utilization

Dashboard showing how efficiently hospital operating rooms are being scheduled and utilized.

Dashboard Designers: Dan Benevento, Katherine S. Rowell

Organization: HealthDataViz (

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Big Picture

You manage a suite of hospital operating rooms (ORs) that are in high demand by surgeons and are costly to operate. In order to meet surgeon demand for OR time in a cost-effective manner and to ensure high-quality, safe patient care, you need a dashboard that makes it easy for you to examine how accurately procedures are scheduled and how efficiently OR resources are utilized.

This Hospital Operating Room Utilization dashboard displays surgical case and OR information in a clear and easy-to-understand way and helps OR managers, staff, surgeons, and anesthesiologists identify potential opportunities for improvement.


The metrics included in this dashboard help viewers to compare the accuracy of the amount of time projected for an operation against the actual time it takes to perform. Inaccurately scheduled cases have a negative impact on metrics, such as:

  • on-time case starts,
  • resource utilization,
  • operating room turnover times, and
  • patient satisfaction.

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