AppendixUnderstanding the ConantLeadership Flywheel

The figure shows three concentric circles illustrating the Conant Leadership Flywheel. The innermost circle is labeled as “Honor people.” The middle circle is labeled as “Champion higher purpose.” The outermost circle is divided into five parts, where the first part is labeled as “Create direction,” the second part as “drive alignment,” the third part as “build vitality,” the fourth part as “Execute with excellence,” and the fifth part as “Produce extraordinary results.”

The key to “leadership that works” is found in the eight connected practice areas of the ConantLeadership Flywheel. (This image first appeared in Chapter 6 and is repeated in this section as a reminder.) At ConantLeadership, we personally champion this high-impact model, based on 45 years of leadership experience and study, as a highly effective way for twenty-first-century leaders – who do not yet have a model of their own – to deliver enduring value to all stakeholders. Each pillar in the Flywheel is anchored in Inspiring Trust and Honoring People, which (to me) are the two foundational elements of elite performance. When these eight components are developed in harmony, they are a powerful, self-reinforcing tool for transforming individuals and organizations with everlasting momentum.

Practice Area 1: Honor People

It’s ALL about the people.

Honoring people, in tandem with its twin virtue of inspiring trust, is the axis upon which my entire suite of leadership behaviors depends. You must influence people in a way that creates the conditions for candid conversations that move things forward. Without first demonstrating to people that you value their perspective and needs, it will be impossible to compel them to value the needs of the enterprise. Honoring people is the prerequisite to every other leadership condition; it ...

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