Putting It All Together: Your Five-Day Action Plan

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

Benjamin Franklin, US founding father

You did it! Give yourself a hearty pat on the back. You took your first trip through the Blueprint. Can you feel your Foundation fortifying already? Now it’s time to put it all together with a view toward aligning your new, improved leadership approach with the expectations of your organization. To truly reach your leadership goals, you will need to learn to marry the learnings of the Blueprint with the culture of whatever company or paradigm you are operating in to deliver value for you and them.

To that end, in this chapter I’ll briefly help you synthesize all the work you’ve done thus far and provide you with a five-day action plan to get you quickly on your way. Even though this will be a lifelong journey and an enduring approach, you’ll be happy to hear there are things you can do right away to start transforming your impact in the real world.

An Iterative Understanding

In the Improve step, you had an opportunity to revisit your Foundation and see if it holds up to scrutiny. To truly become one with your Foundation and absorb all of its learnings, you’ll find that you’ll want to go back through the six steps again and again, in a way that works for you, throughout your lifetime. I recommend that you revisit the steps once a month for the first three months after you’ve ...

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