Stay True to Yourself

“You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.”

Brené Brown, research professor and bestselling author

Now that you’ve completed your journey through The Blueprint, you are poised to accomplish incredible things. You are empowered with the knowledge, the insight, the competence, and the character to get unstuck, maximize your impact, and change your life. Everything is waiting for you. You’ve put in the work and made the commitment; now you just have to follow the path.

This isn’t an ending. It’s a beginning.

You’ll continue to refine your Foundation and its key components indefinitely, whenever you have the time and the inclination to jump back into it. If you are committed to getting better and making a bigger impact on the world, you will find you derive great satisfaction from continually revisiting and working through the Blueprint throughout your lifetime – in a manageable and incremental way – whenever and however it makes sense for you. It gets easier each time. And your behavior and reactions in real time will become much sharper, more adept, and more productive. You will improve continuously.

There Is Only One You

The key message of The Blueprint is that your life story is your leadership story. Only you can write it. Only you can chart your course. The six steps have helped you connect more deeply with your unique talents, insights, experiences, goals, and dreams. While you’ve ...

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