AAn SVG Primer

This appendix is a very high-level glance at the workings of SVG and its implementation in Inkscape. If you want the final, complete, and authoritative reference on SVG, refer to the W3C’s SVG specification at https://w3.org/Graphics/SVG/. As of this writing, SVG 2.0 is still a draft; Inkscape supports the latest released version of the standard, 1.1, that you can find at https://w3.org/TR/SVG11/.

Knowledge of SVG and, more generally, XML (SVG is based on XML) is not strictly necessary for mastering Inkscape—but it helps. It will allow you to peek under the hood of Inkscape drawings, and it will often reveal the true reasons behind some of Inkscape's features (or lack thereof). Let's start with a quick intro to XML that you may ...

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