Appendix B. Cisco Hardware Compatible with GNS3

This appendix lists the Cisco hardware that’s supported by Dynamips and GNS3. Dynamips only emulates Cisco routers that use MIPS architecture and does not support all Cisco models. After the list of supported routers, you’ll find a list of recommended IOS image files that GNS3 can automatically apply the correct Idle-PC values to, without performing an Idle-PC calculation.

Supported Cisco Hardware

In GNS3, you can emulate Cisco routers from five different series (1700, 2600, 3600, 3700, and 7200), with varying degrees of feature support.

Table B-1. 1700 Series Routers

1700 Series Routers

Table B-2. 2600 Series Routers

Table B-3. 3600 ...

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