Chapter 7. Device Nodes, Live Switches, and the Internet

In this chapter, I’ll demonstrate how GNS3 device nodes are used with Cisco IOS routers. GNS3 provides a Hub node and various Switch nodes, including an Ethernet switch, EtherSwitch router, ATM switch, and Frame Relay switch. In addition, we’ll take a look at how to create your own Frame Relay switch using a Cisco IOS router.

We’ll also explore a very powerful feature known as a Cloud node. A Cloud node is used to expand your networks beyond the GNS3 program. With Cloud nodes, you’ll soon be able to connect your GNS3 projects to live Cisco switches and access the Internet using GNS3 routers.

Built-in Device Nodes

Built-in device nodes simulate the features of a specific device type (like a ...

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