Chapter 8. Cisco ASA, IDS/IPS, and IOS-XRv

You’ve already seen some of the ways GNS3 can interact with other software and operating systems. In this chapter, you’ll delve deeper into the advanced features of GNS3 and explore how you can expand your projects by interacting with additional Quick Emulator (QEMU) virtual devices and software.

Knowing about technologies such as Cisco’s ASAs, Intrusion Detection Systems/Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDSs/IPSs), and IOS-XR broadens your view of Cisco and GNS3 and can be useful when choosing a network certification path. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to play with virtualized Cisco products that are otherwise inaccessible to most people. It’s also important to learn how to use some of Cisco’s GUI-based tools. ...

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