Chapter 19 New ventures

Karen had a washing basket on one hip and her mobile at her ear, holding it with her shoulder. She was on the phone to the head of the P&C, in the middle of asking if she could take out some space in the school newsletter next month.

Luckily, this woman was a fan and she quickly agreed to support the promotion of Karen’s new website. She was, after all, one of the most hard-working mothers in the school — always volunteering, baking, crafting and fundraising. Karen had worked tirelessly at the primary school throughout her children’s attendance there. Now, at Russ’s suggestion, she was calling in the favour and asking for some support.

Nate had assured her the website would be ready to populate next week. She had spent the past three days writing down everything she knew — about everything. Bella had looked at all her thoughts, and started to categorise them into areas such as kitchen, bathroom, laundry and school. She had also begun the process of taking quirky pictures on her iPhone to go next to the individual tips. Karen had to admit, it was going to look amazing.

She was going to meet Russ at Ben’s office after lunch, and quickly threw the load of washing on and went to comb her hair. She was excited to tell Ben about the progress she had made already on her business idea and hastily grabbed her coat from the back of the door to walk out. She walked back to check her image in the mirror and her usual ‘mum’ style stared back at her. Just a lip gloss ...

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