42 The Business Value of DB2 UDB for z/OS
3.1.2 zSeries architecture highlights
IBM provides world-class zSeries server technology to help today’s enterprises
respond to business conditions quickly and with flexibility. From automation to
advanced virtualization technologies and open industry standards, zSeries
servers help deliver competitive advantages for the On Demand Business.
The zSeries architecture provides innovative self healing features built into every
zSeries server. The features are designed to manage and heal themselves and
dynamically adapt to change. They help you to keep your system running at peak
performance, reducing administration costs and letting you focus on running your
business rather than managing your IT infrastructure.
The concept of servers that take care of themselves is modeled after the
autonomic function of the human nervous system. Just as the human body
automatically breathes, digests, and fends off viruses, a zSeries server is
designed to manage, repair, and protect itself. Because the zSeries servers
incorporate technologies that have been developed over decades of research
and fine-tuning, they are leaders in autonomic computing abilities.
On/Off Capacity on Demand is designed to provide greater flexibility in managing
the constantly changing workload demands of today’s environment.
zSeries servers are among the most secure servers on the market, with mean
time between failures (MTBF) measured in decades. In fact, the zSeries is
designed for up to 99.999% availability with Parallel Sysplex clustering. The
zSeries is designed to provide superior qualities of service to help support high
volume, transaction-driven applications, and other critical processes. It supplies
tremendous power and throughput for information-intensive computing
z/OS architecture is designed to support a failure in some of its components
without affecting the others. This means that a zSeries server can survive a
central processor (CP) failure without loss of availability of the system. Also a
middleware software subsystem outage can be survived without loss of
availability of the system.
3.1.3 DB2 UDB for z/OS
DB2 takes advantage of joint development and possible synergy of zSeries,
z/OS, and DB2. DB2 is engineered from the ground up to use many features for
high availability and continuous operations that are provided by z/OS and zSeries
How does DB2 take advantage of zSeries hardware and software? This is
explained in the following sections. These sections review how DB2 for z/OS

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