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Ali Asad and Hamza Ali, The C# Programmer’s Study Guide (MCSD), 10.1007/978-1-4842-2860-9_1

1. Fundamentals of C #

Ali Asad and Hamza Ali1

(1)Sialkot, Pakistan

To prepare for Microsoft Certification Exam 70-483, it is essential to learn the fundamentals of C# programming . This chapter teaches you how to:

  1. Write your first program in C#.

  2. Work with variables, primitive data types & operators.

  3. Use implicit & explicit type casting.

  4. Use var keyword.

  5. Work with arrays.

  6. Define decision structure.

  7. Define decision operators.

  8. Work with loops.

  9. Use jump statements.

  10. Use & define methods.

To get more out of this chapter, grab a pencil and paper, note down each point, and writing code snippets in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 or above. At the ...

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