Chapter 16People > Furniture

The next morning the house was quiet. Sarah and the kids were gone. The only sounds Michael heard were a lawn mower next door and the carpenter measuring a piece of wood. Michael shared his thoughts about love being a commitment and J. passionately added that it was also an investment. “When you love someone or something, you make the time to invest in it. I love everything I make, so I put all my love into it. It’s the same with relationships. We are meant to love others by investing in them. Unfortunately in today’s world, I see far too many people investing in things more than relationships. Even though I’m a carpenter I know people are more important than furniture,” he said as he measured another piece of wood.

Michael smiled but then searched his heart and discovered he was guilty of not investing more in his own relationships. At home he did a much better job than at work but still fell short, and with his daughter’s youth basketball team, he realized he needed to improve a lot.

The carpenter continued, “I tell everyone who will listen that even though I’m known for sharing success strategies, true success isn’t about money or possessions. It’s about people, commitment, loyalty, and relationships. In the end we won’t be measured by our bank accounts, sales numbers, wins and losses, or the size of the company we built, but by the difference we made in people’s lives—and we make a difference through relationships. So don’t be so busy chasing ...

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