Chapter 35Success Is Meant to Be Shared

A few years later, Michael jogged to see the carpenter at his latest job site. It had become his morning ritual to run to wherever J. was working in the city. They would spend a little time together to talk and prepare for the day ahead. The carpenter always shared encouraging advice that Michael needed to hear and, in turn, Michael would share it with others.

When Michael arrived the carpenter said, “Wow, you are here even earlier than yesterday.”

“I left the same time as yesterday but I’m getting faster,” said Michael. “My new motto is older, stronger, faster, and better.”

“That’s what I call talking to yourself,” the carpenter said, laughing.

“I learned from the best.”

“So what are we building this week?” asked the carpenter.

“I’m helping a school principal build her school’s culture. Then, I’m meeting with a hospital’s leadership team and sharing your model with them. Then, I’m meeting with a friend of a friend who asked me to share Love, Serve, Care with all the coaches at his college.”

“A busy week,” the carpenter said proudly. Michael may not have been handy, but he had a gift for building up people and helping leaders build their teams and J. was proud of him and all he was doing to help others.

“It keeps getting busier,” Michael said. “And don’t forget we start building a new set of homes for the people our foundation selected. We start Saturday morning.”

“I’ll be there. You know I never miss an opportunity to build and change ...

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