Ellen Van Velsor

Marian N. Ruderman

Cynthia D. McCauley

This handbook presents much of what we at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) have learned and are continuing to learn about leader and leadership development. We ask, and answer, important questions in this book, and hope we have done so in a way that is useful to readers.

As we reflect on what is included here, it is clear there are areas where our knowledge has advanced and others where it is not fully developed. We have not yet addressed some compelling issues. Some of these are questions we believe we are on the verge of answering, and others are issues we know our research and practice will address going forward, or that we would hope others take on in their own efforts. They are also questions about which we need to further engage through dialogue and interaction among ourselves as human resource and training and development practitioners, leadership scholars, coaching professionals, and practicing managers. Here is a sampling of the questions occurring to us as most relevant going forward.

What are the unique development needs of new audiences for leader and leadership development? Do our tools and methods need to be modified to be useful and accessible for these groups?

For the first time in this edition of the book, we have included a chapter on leader development for educators, who operate in a context very different from that of business leaders and face unique challenges. We have found in our work with ...

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