Chapter 8Key Takeaways

We learned many valuable lessons as we conducted our research for this book, the fifth in a series of leadership books conceived and created by the team at HMG Strategy LLC. Here are some of the main points and key takeaways from our comprehensive and truly unique method of in-depth peer-to-peer research:

  • Just 26 percent of companies are “completely ready” to executive on digital business strategies, according to Accenture.
  • Thanks to their familiarity with digital tools and their capabilities, the CIO is well-positioned to help the enterprise develop a digital roadmap, including the tools, people/skills, and processes that are needed to execute effectively on digital business strategies.
  • The CIO also needs to act with courageous leadership to identify technology partners that share a vision for the company's digital future while meshing with its digital roadmap.
  • Although people and technology are critical components for achieving business transformation, essential for success, processes are often the mysterious ingredients that harmoniously bind the other elements together.
  • The CIO is counted on to distinguish how different functions and business units interoperate and rely on one another to successfully deliver products and services to end customers.
  • Another way the CIO can deliver value is by identifying tools and techniques that can be used to evaluate and act on existing or new processes that are needed.
  • The CIO's technology/business expertise is ...

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